Sapphire Divests Shareholding in Sanctuary Ho Tram Resort

Sanctuary Ho Tram Resort

Sanctuary Ho Tram Resort

Enterprise and integration- Sapphire today announced its intention to divest all shares in Sanctuary Ho Tram, where the company has a stake of 51 percent. Sapphire will now fully focus on creating value in core operations.

“Based on a strategic review by the board and the CEO, and after due consideration, Sapphire has decided to divest its shares in Sanctuary Ho Tram,” said Mr David Clarkin, Joint Managing Director of Sapphire. “The disposal of our shares is in the best interest of our shareholders and in accordance with Sapphire’s long-term strategic focus.”

President Place - HCM City

President Place – HCM City

Mr Clarkin said, “We have sustained growth through a solid performance from our controlled operations. Moving forward, we will continue to focus on strengthening the value of our core operations while seeking to drive profitable growth in Ho Chi Minh City’s real estate market.”

With deep insight into the property development industry alongside a portfolio of successful projects, Sapphire is on course to be amongst the region’s leaders. Together with established investor relationships, Sapphire is supported by Sakkara Group, Australia, whose global experience spans 86 projects valued at more than USD2.5bn since 1997.

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