Gba Oktoberfest Vietnam 2016

Enterprise and integration– Gba Oktoberfest in Ho Chi Minh at hotel Nikko Saigon – Nikko Garden. This year’s Gba Oktoberfest HCMC will take place in an authentic “Bavarian beer tent” for four days through Sunday, 29/9 to 02/10/2016. In Hanoi at the JW Marriott Hotel the week after for three days, Thursday through Saturday 06/10 to 08/10/2016.

The Gba Oktoberfest Vietnam is a unique opportunity to experience our unique Oktoberfest and entertain in a traditional German setting with an authentic flair of the world’s largest beer festival as well as authentic Bavarian music from our Munich-based Oktoberfest Band. The Gba and GIC/AHK Vietnam would bring German most famous celebrations to Vietnam, with it we highlight German culture, culinary history, our music and the German Spirit.

“I am very proud that the Gba will be able to offer the most authentic “Oktoberfest” ever in Vietnam, both in HCMC and in Hanoi” says Jens Ruebbert, Chairman of the Gba Vietnam.

“There is no doubt that JW Mariott is definitely the best and biggest venue in Hanoi, with the stuning scenery to host one of the most successful events, highlighting the detail-oriented services provides from our experienced chefs” says Goeran Soelter –Director of Operations at JW Mariott Hanoi.

Oktoberfest Ho Chi Minh City: Ms Mai, email:

Oktoberfest Hanoi: Ms.Khanh Linh, email;

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