Opening a new airline from Ho Chi Minh City to Ha Mon

Enterprise and integration – in the afternoon of November 30th, 2016,  at Park Hyatt hotel a new airline opening ceremony from Ho Chi Minh to Ha Mon was held by Xiamen Airline.

In the presentation ceremony of a new airline there was the participation of Mr. Tran Duc Hai – Chinese consulate general in Ho Chi Minh City, Mr. Vi Tich Than – China commercial counselor in Ho Chi Minh City, Mr. Truong  Minh Hau – Deputy Director of the HCM Promotion Center, Mr Truong Huu Thong – Deputy Managing Director of Xiamen Airlines, Mr Kha Ton Phap – Chairman of Fujian Business Association … and plane ticket agents, Vietnam Tourist Companies.

Being the first airline operated in the course of modern enterprise in China, Xiamen Airlines Co. Ltd was established on 25th July, 1984 jointly by Civil Aviation Administration of China and Fujian Provincial Government. The shareholders of Xiamen Airlines are China Southern Airlines Co., Ltd., Xiamen C & D Corporation Limited and Jizhong Energy Resources Co., Ltd. with 51%, 34% and 15% shares respectively. The IATA designator of Xiamen Airlines is “MF”, and the corporate logo is “Soaring Egret in the Blue Sky”.

Xiamen Airline was head office is in Ha Mon City, Fujian province with more than 350 international – domestic airlines. Xiamen Airlines covers most of big cities in China, Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia, Europe, America, Australia, it is the best profit airline in China.


Mr.Truong Hoang Cuong

In the presentation ceremony of a new airline, Mr. Truong Hoang Cuong – Director-general of Xiamen Airlines expressed: “Words which I would like to say to you after closing are 3 words  in all “thanks, opportunities and mutual benefit”. It is just the wholehearted support of friends that Xiamen Airlines has obtained more and more development as it is today.  November 28th, 2016 was a special day when the first plane of Xiamen Airlines landed at Tan Son Nhat airport, Ho Chi Minh City. It marked the event in which Xiamen Airlines entered officially in Vietnam Airlines market, the perfection of Southeast Asia flight network lay-out of Xiamen Airlines and we decide to open a new airline to Vietnam. The presentation of Ha Mon – Ho Chi Minh City airline will strengthen more adhesive relationship between Vietnam and Fujian and the world.

Nowadays, Xiamen Airline is the member of Skyteam airline union which transports more than 25 passengers per  year, and taps the largest Boeing fleet in the China, one of the newest fleets in the world. Xiamen Airline also pioneers community missions through energy preservation, minimizes pollution, supports volunteer, charitable activities.

Mr. Truong Huu Thong – Deputy Managing Director of Xiamen Airlines showed: Xiamen Airlines currently had 165 planes with an average age of 5.2 years and the newest Boeing fleet in the world. We were one of the members of Skyteam airline union, transporting more than 25 million passengers per year in the top 30 airlines in the world. We would provide “beautiful-meticulous-venerational-fine” services so that passengers can enjoy joyful comfortable convenience in their itinerary.

Ha Mon City

Ha Mon City

Fujian is a southeast coastal province of China, Taiwan is in the east of Fuijian via Taiwan strait. Every day in Ha Mon city there are as many as 36 trains going to Taiwan 30 minutes apart per train, this is also the point attracting tourists to Ha Mon. Fuijian still has many attractive sightseeing places such as: Ha Mon city, Taxia village, seeing Chuxi and Hongkeng made of earth, buildings in Yongding … Xiamen Airline opening a new airline will help travel enterprises have conditions to extend travel tour to Fujian province.

By E & I