Vestas and Tân Hoàn Cầu collaborate on developing wind farms in Quang Tri province of Vietnam


Investment- 7 December 2017, Vestas and Tan Hoan Cau agreed to conduct a wind study in Huong Linh’s pipeline at a signing ceremony between Mai Van Hue, Chairman of Tan Hoan Cau Corporation Joint Stock company (THC) as well as Clive Turton, President, Vestas Asia Pacific witnessed by the Danish Ambassador to Vietnam.

As part of this collaboration, the two parties have agreed to jointly develop wind farms in Huong Linh, the area of Huong Hoa Commune in the Quang Tri Province hereafter called the “Area of Study.”

According to the revised PDP VII, the Government has set a target of 800 MW of wind by 2020, ~2,000 MW in 2025 and ~6,000 MW by 2030.

Therefore, Tan Hoan Cau is collaborating with Vestas to study the potential of the Area of Study and then propose the total potential capacity.

And based on infrastructural development progress, the Area of Study will be developed by phases of six sub-projects with a minimum capacity of 30MW. Both will conduct wind and site studies to select turbine locations for sub-projects.

Says Mai Van Hue, Chairman of THC, “We are committed to deploy the latest technology and wind turbine models to bring the highest efficiencies for projects. Therefore, we are partnering Vestas, the industry leader, to help us bring this project to life!”

Clive Turton, President, Vestas ASP, says, “Vietnam is ASEAN’s second fastest growing economy and it is commendable that given all that growth, the country is looking into wind energy. Vestas is very excited to partner Vietnam in this respect and today, we are absolutely delighted to be here to demonstrate our commitment. Vestas is clearly Denmark’s leading light in the renewable energy sector and will show Vietnam how to appreciate the value, opportunities and potential of wind energy to improve the lives of Vietnamese.

We will engage, expand and deepen our capabilities in Vietnam and look forward to working even more closely together.”

By E & I