Cao Lanh Bridge inaugurated

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Enterprise & integration – the morning of May 27th, 2018, in Cao Lanh – Dong Thap province, the inauguration ceremony of Cao Lanh Bridge by The Ministry of Transport.

Cao Lanh Bridge spans over the Tien River to connect the provincial capital of Cao Lanh and Lap Vo district. The 2km-long bridge is about 0.8 km from the Cao Lanh ferry terminal and about 35 km from My Thuan Bridge, which links Tien Giang and Vinh Long provinces.

The 24.5m wide bridge sits 37.5 m above the Tien River. It is designed to have four lanes for motorized vehicles to drive at the speed of up to 80km per hour and two others for non-motorised ones.

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Australia’s Foreign Minister the Hon Julie Bishop MP said, “In the years ahead, this bridge will be a crucial driver for development. It will better connect the region, supporting economic growth and food security. It will demonstrate new technical engineering solutions that can be incorporated into future infrastructure projects.  It will support Vietnam in continuing its remarkable economic transformation.  And it will stand as an enduring symbol of Australia and Vietnam’s ties, marking our 45th anniversary of relations and the signing of our new strategic partnership.” Australia’s grant of $160m represented its largest aid activity in mainland Southeast Asia and one of its most significant investments in Vietnam.

Cao Lanh Bridge will not only reduce travel time and cost for residents of the Mekong Delta provinces of An Giang, Can Tho and Dong Thap, but bring more business opportunities and better living conditions. The Project will also improve connectivity to the Greater Mekong Sub-region Southern Coastal Corridor, and the Cambodian and Thai highway networks